She's my cherry pie.

She is a can of dark sweet cherries.

She is a can of hope surrounded by extreme doubt and very little actual baking ability.

It'll be what it'll be... maybe a pie? A crumble? A tart type thing?

It's gonna be red-ish, and sweet. It'll have some sort of dough or perhaps carb-laden, crunchy, something on top. I don't think I can bring myself to agonize over the perfect pie crust. I have a shit ton of cooking to do. That's all I know. The bird is gonna take 4 hours. So this pie (or not pie) thing has to happen tomorrow. I had to do some house cleaning after the film festival's ass-kicker of a schedule that had me not putting things away, dragging gear out, and just throwing stuff on flat surfaces as I came and went.

Wow... I can really mess this place up quickly! (years of practice..)

I had to stop and drink some water and get a list together of what I need to cook/do for the day of gorging. And I think I have company coming Friday afternoon... so that means more housekeeping than just my usual standard.

And, I like it busy. Back to the reg work sched too.. so busy is just a fact this week.

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