What a Monday!

Today is the designated clean the house day.

Mostly through the chilly morning hours there needs to be something productive since I am not having leisurely coffee drinking times. Funny how the coffee through a straw thing is skewing my morning behaviors. Plus, it's all gonna be a blur after today. I head to The Mother Unit on Thursday to celebrate her birthday and tend to things that need tending before I take off on my winter time adventures. I need to pack for 3 different trips and one of these includes the wedding of Kelly Murphy, which is causing me lil' bit of clothes trauma. A winter time wedding of an actual very good friend.. do I fuck with them and bring a dress? Do I just do my usual and dress all black and tour manager like? I dunno.. yikes.

I also get to stop and see my pal Meredith from MPress Records at the Vail exit off the interstate for a brief hello-how-are-ya moment
while she is in the vicinity of The Baked Pueblo. Always a treat to get to hang with her.. she is a smart chick with a faboo sense of humor and some of the best taste in music of any human I know.  She is also one of the super lucky humans whop saw Kate Bush live in London.... twice. She is my version of a magical unicorn wonder person.

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