Sleeping in and...

Oh wow.
I had no idea that I needed to sleep in like that. Waking up when I felt like it.. instead of the 4:30 or 5:00 am usual. I got a couple extra hours in and then was a lazy ass and languished in the comfort of my dark room and under a mountain of covers.  What a treat!

And then I got up and made the coffee.

The coffee ritual has been very different the last few days as I am drinking it through a straw.  Makes for mega-slamming of the jitter juice. But really it's because I got my teeth whitened in Mexico the other day and technically I'm not supposed to drink coffee for a week..


So through a straw with immediate teeth brushing afterwards. It's so weird, dumb, unbalancing, wacky... but I am not going through the caffeine jones. And I would be feeling sick and unmotivated if I were not drinking any.

The Brown Pony.. who is riding who?  I am a slave to the bean.

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