This happened.

I had a pretty stellar pinball outing last night!

This score was on 2 balls on the Medieval Madness machine. Truly a good game in my book. I have grown to understand some of the things you need to do on this one a nit more since High Speed has essentially been packed up and is ready to come to Bisbee and therefore unavailable to play. It has trolls.. trolls are fun.

 The next part of my January Adventures starts today with Nashville/Franklin up next. Some friends, some hot chicken, and a big brown dog named Boo Boo. I will be hoping all of the semi-damp clothes I laundered yesterday get dry enough to pack... bad timing for my mom's dryer to crap out. But the packing also involves the decision to take the dress or not, and what suitcase? Oy! It's clothes trauma again! And it's gonna be cold on the next two legs of the journey as well.. so, how to be effective and yet conservative in the amount of clothes is a challenge.

It's the dress that is throwing me off. Hmmm...

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