And when it's all said and done.

Well then. Back from Canadia Land. Really good trip, once again affirming that being there for friends is a major component of my happiness.

Shortly after this picture was taken, my pal hauled off and threw a snowball at me that I caught and threw back!

Dunno when I get to see this one again, but I sure am glad I took the time to go up and help out while also breaking up some of the heaviness in her world up there. Two parents to take care of trumps my one parent... and my mom is actually in better shape in a sense than both of Cathryn's folks. My mom is of much sounder mind too.. I am fortunate.

 Cathryn is doing the best she can up there... and her spirit is still buried in there underneath all of the heavy hard to deal with stuff. But she is affected by everything surrounding her and it was an intense reality. I think she really needed someone from the outside to come up and just be there. That is what friends do.

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