New Year's bacon.

I have a delicious breakfast being cooked for me up here in the frozen tundra of Canadia Land. The smell of bacon wafting through the air, and a yukon potato latke being prepped.. Yum!

Cathryn had a nice little streak on this machine. Penny slots still take your money though.

We ventured outside of the gambling den in search of popcorn... no popcorn to be found. Only people with bad NYE hats and noisemakers. Took the time for a pic to mark the last night of 2015 then we pretty much split.

Fun night out... and then we attempted to watch the ball drop in NYC. Even though we were both awake at midnight, it seemed there was no actual shot of the ball actually dropping. All we saw were numbers counting down from 20 to zero. Meh.. whatevs... the night was sweet and I was glad to get a chance to ring in a new year somewhere totally different and with a friend I don't get to see often enough. So much gratitude! And The Mother Unit reported a little bit of Kahlua was ingested and she sounds in good spirits! Can't beat that!

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