Pot pies and real life.

Pot pie.. Soothe me. 

This is the perfect bottom to what will be a delicious welcome back to the real world/get outta your sickbed and make your meager living moment. 

My pal Elizabeth brought this pot pie for me a few days ago from Tucson. These damn things are super comfort food to the highest degree. 

I feel a little like a calf being raised as veal  with the entire last week having been a bedridden waste. But now the cough is drier, and the goo greatly reduced so it's back to work for me. 

The Mother Unit had a weekend of her own health issues and had I been well, I would have rallied for her. My time to rally for her and work my life a bit more around her needs is near. I should probably be figuring out how to make money in the Tucson area here and there to be able to justify the time that may be needed up there. I need to take a cue from Elizabeth and be a better pal to my mom as well as the one who does everything else. Comfort is everything.. It comes in many forms. 

Like this pot pie. 

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