There always comes a time.

I am indeed up early and there is a new member of the the household.. in an inanimate kind of way.

A new coffee maker.

I had one shippedin from the interwebs after coming to grips with the fact that my old Krups was ailing. This was a big decision.  As I lay in bed, I grasped my wee phone and surfed reviews and price points. I am bitchiest about coffee and music. Therefore they are the two most important daily components to me living a peaceful life and must be given great care.

I chose the OXO  9 cup. It was hard to justify the price initially but then I realized I have had my other for over 20 years... enough time for the girlfriend who gave it to me to get married and have twins in junior high. Ok, I got some miles outta that.

It's a good cup this morning. And it has a fun bubble feature.

Now I wanna fix up my kitchen.

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