Friday in Tiny Town.

I got back home after 7pm.. loads of traffuck getting out of Tucson, and construction on I-10. Just what my frazzled brain needed after the hospital edition of my Thursday.

Blah blah blah...

The good news it's only a UTI that had The Mother Unit totally out of sorts. Nothing else glaring from the battery of tests... whew! Should be a quick stay at he hospital for her, and that's good for all of us. Her dog got to go to the doggie resort/spa for a day or two as well.

I am having a lazy morning around here with Darlingside playing music that lifts me up. I do work today... but since the Friday delivery doesn't come till after 10 a.m. , a later arrival for me means I can hopefully bust out all of the truck and not have to work tomorrow. I did volunteer to go in if the truck doesn't get done to finish it up. I need the money... so it's a win either way.

There will be cooking for The Mother Unit happening over here in the wee house over the weekend.  She wants some kapama.. I am good at that. I will bust out a few other dishes too. Neither one of us have much room in our freezers at the moment so.. I might need to figure that one out. I just want her to eat something she likes and that is easy for her to prepare.

Then the United World College crew is coming through town to go paint the border fence on Monday. In these parts we call that Border Bedazzling. I will be going over to Naco with Gretchen for the day to help take photos and setup/cleanup. So with all things hopefully settling back into the norm, I can take a breath and just be grateful for my time with my mom, and this tiny town I get to live in.

And coffee... I'm grateful for coffee.

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