Well that didn't go as planned..

Judas Priest.  My day was planned out from wakeup till 4pm when I drive back to Tiny Town. 

And then life takes over. 

The Mother Unit was out of sorts last night, but even more miserable this morning. So here we sit at the hospital ER waiting to see if they can help. I made her go.. Too much of a personality/energy shift coupled with all the other things going on. So hard to see her feeling so awful. Will they admit her or won't they?


I work the next 2 days with no ability to call off. So if they admit, she is at least in a good safe place, hopefully fixing what's wrong. 

We managed a couple of smiles to send to our pal Elizabeth.

All I can do now is hope to get everything I have to do today handled before I leave. 
Almost 4 hrs into this ER visit... and alls we got is crickets. But at least The Mother Unit is getting in a little nap now.  

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