Getting a little boost.

Well now..

Today has more love and goodness in it.

I. Will. Always. Take. That.

And now with my new schedule, Friday's are my actual Friday! My sweet friend Tania is coming to Bisbee for an overnighter tomorrow, and I do believe Elizabeth and I are gonna rope Tania into making homemade cheese puffs with us. Should be highlarious.

Fridays also mean a late start to work for me so I'm feeling rather luxurious with my 7am departure scheduled for work. I get my annual review at the job today... which should be very interesting. Maybe there is a small raise and who knows what the poor guy will try to tell me about my cranky behavior to some of my co-workers, I own it... I know it. I have no patience for bad/slacker work ethic. I wish he didn't either. But he's got to do it all in a way that works for him. Being upfront and nipping it in the bud is not his style. I am not paid to solve the problems there... my lesson is to learn how not to become a problem around feeling like I am on a rudderless ship.

If there is one thing I have learned from the change in management at my job... it's that it's hard for me to work where I am not learning anything from the boss. But I can put that to use in getting myself knowledge elsewhere in other things. It can just be a job.

It's an experiment in how to show up and make a bit of a living without being attached. Not my usual, but I will take that on... I just want the love and goodness to flow.

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