Lottery. No lottery.

My mom got into one of the best rehab places in Tucson...

A place with a 95% denial rate for acceptance. She got in because I pulled strings to get her paperwork hand delivered. She transferred around 6 pm last night...

I felt like a parent who had a kid get into the right per-school. Really.

2 hours later I get a call from her saying she hates it... And wants to go elsewhere. My heart sank. I felt helpless. And if I hadn't been sitting across the table from my therapist at dinner, I might have wept myself into a fetal position. None of this is easy.

There is a bunch of adjustment headed in our direction.

She was still a little pissed about the entry into rehab this morning, but I know she is in the best place in town. I am hopeful she will adjust as this is but a temporary stop on this journey. Next up is gonna be the real adjustment if it's truly the time for the nursing home... Which it seems it is. I will be touring several places today and am hopeful that the path becomes clearer today.. at least for me. I'm scared too.. But my love for my mom grows deeper as she needs more in general. All that needs to happen is bring more love to the table..

And her MMJ. That is getting smuggled in tonight. The Mother Unit deserves to chillax.

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