Back at it.

Nothing is the same in my head, heart, gut.

I am sitting here in the dark with stout coffee listening to the birds outside and am allowing myself to be still with the fact that I need to send extra love out into the universe for The Mother Unit.

She is waking up to a whole new routine, with rules (gasp!), and all these new people, in a place that is not her house, and no dvr hooked up...

The fact that she is there is a cause for gratitude, and the flip side is that I hope she is gentle with this process for herself and adjusts to it however is best for her. Certainly don't need anything causing her too much chaos.

But it's weird.

Back to work this morning.. and to be honest, the problems outside these last 10 days are not even important to me at this moment. I have things to do for my mother. The rest is now relegated to making ends meet. Some good focus is needed. With any luck, the report from Starfish (where she is currently residing) will be positive. Cross your fingers and light your lucky candles..

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