Gentle breeze.

The Mother Unit is holding her own at Starfish. She has not shanked any other residents, and seems to be very relieved to be there.. maybe this will aid with the depression and then some? I hope this all goes in a positive direction for her. That really is all I want.

The gentle breeze blowing through the wee house is really nice, and it's one of those postcard kind of days here in Tiny Town. I am actually going to take a nap this afternoon because I can. I am finally feeling my shoulders drop a little bit... and while I need to see my chiropractor, I am less stressed at the moment. I will so take that.

I am totally going to need supplement my work schedule with something closer to home.. With all that's gone on in the last few months, it's feeling like it's time to look for more. I think the realization that I have friends in Bisbee making more $$ than I am without the commute was a little bit of a wake up call. I am not really driven by money, but I have bills and a life to support. And no more money is gonna come out of the co-op..

Well, I am just gonna take my nap... and not worry about anything at this moment.

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