The Mother Unit is a champ... she is getting her first dialysis and has now scored some primo headphones from me for her tv viewing while this lengthy process takes place. Send her some big well wishes. She is dealing with all of these changes as best she can. I am a mess, but she is an inspiration today.  She is a tenacious one. Maybe that is where I got some of that tenacity from?

She wasn't agonized, but earlier she (and I) were both nervous. I had a totally shitty morning at work, so getting up here to be able to try to support her was good to get me out of my head. 

My own terror around what is next for me job-wise has definitely tainted my ability to just chill.. But there is no turning back. Too many dumb/ boneheaded things going on at the soon to be former workplace. I can't fix it. I don't fit. I have to go. I made the right choice. 


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