Early mornings in Tucson.

Well... it may be Tucson, but at least the coffee is good. Because I always bring my own.

Things to handle up here and I am anxious to see The Mother Unit and see how she is doing. My fingers are crossed that she is holding steady.  I know the care home is losing her clothes when they do her laundry... that's the big story so far.

I have been scanning my pal Gretchen's twitter... seeing Carole King by the Hill Car made me happy... as did seeing GB with her man, Shawnee and her pal Maria in the car on their way to inspire folks. That kind of action is about as grassroots as you can get. I have so much respect for Gretchen. Truly a one in a gazillion human being.

Still just doing every next right thing.. one cankle in front of the other... one day t a time.

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