How I learned about religion.

Some folks are brought up in a deeply religious culture in the home and surrounded by the ritual of going to church, volunteering for church related events, and being given certain jargon with which to go out into the world and be a good ____________. Please insert your religious thang in the blank. 

I feel spiritual, identified as an Agnostic for several years of my recovery, and recently affiliate with The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. 

But what you may not have come across, is someone (me.) who got their first real dose of who that Jesus guy was by watching the Andrew Lloyd Weber classic, Jesus Christ Superstar.

 The Mother Unit is quite enamored with it too.. I decided to watch it this morning as I was cooking/cleaning/laundering/avoiding the rest of the paperwork I need to have done by tomorrow. 

I still know every word to every song. It's comforting in a way that things you have done fir a gazillion years often is. Do I beleive this to be a true story now as an adult? Not really. So much of the bible is made up by men who sought power.. But do I have close friends who are deeply religious and well educated for a theological perspective? And do I love to hear them speak truths that dispell all of the hate flying around in so much modern day religion? Hells Yes!!

And do I love that their study of religion in a balanced way has made them a better human being? Absolutely!

And am I the chick who just sees people for who they are and how they treat others without regard for any religious affiliation? Yup. 

And, if you are ever singing along to Jesus Christ Superstar and forget the words.. call me up. I can help you. And I won't judge you or hate you. 

Hell, I might even sing along. 

"If you'd come today, you would have reached the whole nation. Israel in 4 B.C. had no mass communication."

But we do now, don't we... 

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