Nothing says "Home" like...


Three small slices of turkey meatloaf. It was the only true leftover in the fridge. It spoke to me in a way that was part don't waste it, and part here is something that symbolizes a fair representation of comfort food. 

I knew it had been in there over a week. It passed the smell test. So I had it for breakfast. A little green hot sauce, a splotch of bbq sauce on the side..

It was delicious. I sure hope it was a good idea. Coffee is done being consumed and laundry is up next. It is a comfort to just have time in the wee house here in Tiny Town while all of this upheaval crashes and tsunamis all around. I made the right choice coming home for the overnight. 

Taking care of myself as I give my all for The Mother Unit is gonna be super important. She is doing better. She goes to the care home Thursday. I will be doing what feels like mountains of paperwork for insurance/care home transition... (fuuuuuuuuuck!) and then physically moving her furniture this first part of the week. So much to do. 

It is all falling into place though. The last prickly piece was her dog.. And a friend of hers stepped up to say she would essentially provide hospice for my mother's beloved chihuahua. 

Huge relief! HUGE!  For both of us.

It's perfectly chilly in here (54) as I get ready to toss aside the comfy warm throw I have been sitting under. Time to let the comfort carry me through the tasks that have to be completed. 

Deep breaths... Aaaaaaand go!  

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