One more.

Just one more day at the co-op.

It's gonna be weird to not work there, and I'm sad it didn't work out for me there.  They will do better without the loud, opinionated dyke telling them to work faster/harder/smarter. I just don't fit in there anymore . I'm glad I can admit that and move gracefully away from it.

The void that will be there where work was will get filled with more work of some sort. As long as I can get a few hundred a month rolling in, I can prolly stay afloat. Just nothing extra.

Summer is not the time to plan shows in Bisbee. And music work is far from my mind right now anyhow. Sadly.

Once I get past the insurance claim for The Mother Unit's LTC and I know she gets to stay where she is.. I can let my shoulders drop, take a deep breath and focus on myself. If it goes south... and not in her favor, then I will step up and do whatever is next for her.

In the meantime I will try and tackle some house projects.. like getting the cooler ready for summer, fixing the front porch to the best of my ability, and spraying for bugs to try and fend of the annual invasion of all kinds of creepy crawlies. I have been hearing about a lot of scorpions already this season... so spraying this year feels like a must. Not a fan of bugs.. at all. And then there is the fact that I just need to purge stuff from my house and The Mother Unit's house. A tedious emotional project in itself.  Ugh.

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