The Cortadito

Who made cortaditos today? Yup.. I did. 

Sugary cuban coffee deliciousness! I pulled down my espresso maker, bought actual milk, and went to town grinding coffee and beating sugar into golden submission.

All of this triggered by an email from a pal who asked what I knew of this coffee confection. We emailed for 2 days.. And then she sent me the song that she wrote about this Cuban delight.  She's a fucking brilliant songwriter... And what a joy to be able to contribute to someone I love and admire greatly. 

But even more than that.. making these again after a couple years of not doing them or having them was a treat I could give myself. 

Something nice for me for a change. 

I was veeeeery jacked up on caffeine today. Many dumb little things got done around here. 

Even got to hang with Gretchen, who is fresh off the Hillary Clinton Campain Trail. The big suprise with my time with her was that she wanted a goddamn cortadito too!!! Hells yes!!!! 

A good day. 

In my soon to be state of joblessness, my goal is to drink a bunch of really good coffee.. Tomorrow night when I get home from my last day of work, I am gonna plot my caffeinated journey one cortadito at a time. 

All inspired by someone who knows my love of coffee.. 

Who reached out..

And spawned coffee excellence on this day. 

And a big mess.

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