Tuesday morning.

Elizabeth cancelled via text at 1 a.m...


Today brings many challenges without her. She and her husband pass germs in their house.. he was sick and now she apparently is too.  Poor thing.

I have disassembled all of the piles on the kitchen table, have art from the walls, meds gathered, shower chair and commode chair ready to go, and it looks like I gotta hire some help to help me get some of the heavy stuff handled. But I still have to acquire some of the heavy stuff yet. New mattress mostly.

The Mother Unit is sore from all of the physical and occupational therapy. Her body hurts from using muscles she hasn't used in a decade. And that validates to me that the rehab at Handmaker's is truly the best. But now she is complaining about all of that pain, and it's real.. tear inducing pain for her. So hard to watch.

So many of my friends have some level of aging parent stuff going on, or they did. There is a lot of wisdom in my circles. I just gotta keep ding the next right thing. And just check the to-do list and keep knocking things off of it.

I am pounding coffee to kickstart the day.  May The Flying Spaghetti Monster shower me with the glowing red light of marinara and surround me in the safety of His Noodly Appendage.

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