What does $50.00 buy you?

I'll tell ya what $50.00 buys you at T-Mobile..

450 pay-as-you-go minutes. 

The Mother Unit was feeling anxious about having her own phone access so I actually drove up to try to get her switched over to Verizon. 

They guy I have been dealing with on getting her an unltd talk plan was off yesterday. I wish I would have known that before I drove up planning to get this handled. Shit. So, it will have to wait till Monday. In the meantime, her trusty little T-Mobile phone got fed all those minutes instead. I don't think she'll use all the minutes, but they don't expire for a year so.

I gave 2 weeks notice at my job... and I had a sleepless night wondering if I should have just been sucking it up and trying to care less about how the culture is at the tiny workplace. And the boss didn't seem too surprised. And I think perhaps it will be easier for the new grocery mgr to have her own systems implemented as she feels out the totality what is involved in bringing it to the next level. I just didn't know how to stay. 

I felt compelled to gracefully move away and let go. I don't really feel like I fit there anymore.  And now I have given myself some challenges on so many levels. Ugh... 

Lots on my plate. 

At least The Mother Unit is being very well taken care of. I am so happy that she likes it there. My own shift in how I need to be around that is a seemingly deep process. She doesn't need me for much at all besides bringing things from the house and then for bill pay a couple times a month.  I need to get used to that.  More letting go and adjusting. 

I'm tired.. 
Time to go home. 

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