Still sleepless..

My brain is heavy with change.

All of this change is going to be an opportunity to do all of the next right things needed. Balancing out what needs to happen will be interesting. I may end up scraping some paint for a friend of mine if his offer still stands. I have never really minded paint related work.. so if he can give me a little work here or there I will stay afloat at least. I feel a declutter week coming on for my friend Robin too.. time to hunker down and get creative in my finance. Yes... I am terrified.

I am looking to be up in The Baked Pueblo to help shuttle The Mother Unit to the new development... dialysis. It will give me time to make sure she is taken to and from efficiently, and I know I can get her wheelchair in my car.

So much changing.

I have lots to do at her house.. so, while she is doing her treatment I can be cleaning, packing, purging things. So much to do.. just gotta keep putting one foot in front of the other.

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