There was no dodging the very large rock that cracked my windshield and sent shards of glass all over the dash, the seats and my arms and legs! 


It hit my car so hard, I thought it was a bullet! Scared the crap out of me!  And it is essentially a pulverized bunch of crushed glass I could put my thumb through.  

Lucky me, I paid my car insurance ontime and have glass coverage. I get a new windshield Friday. 

Nope... No dodging that. 

There was no way to dodge news of my neighbor behind me having passed away last week in California.. shit.. Her boyfriend called this afternoon with that news. 

On my walk thru Tiny Town tonight, I sent out a bunch of good joo joo to my friend Cammy.. So sad. I knew she was not well.. She hasn't been well for years.

And if course, now the house will get sold and all in the span of a year I will
have gone from nice and quiet, no loud dogs, and mostly vacant houses to now having people who drink on the front patio,loudly and late..directly across the street, a loud dog over behind next to
cammy'a and god knows who will buy Cammy's.. 

Judas Priest! There goes the neighborhood!  Nowhere to run.. Nowhere to hide... From the noise. 

The Mother Unit's hood has two houses that blast music.. I only really did that for parties. Now I am sounding like the old lady on the block.. 


No way to dodge that either.

Rest in peace, Cammy. Your good taste, quirkiness, and brilliant mind will be missed. 

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