So busy we forgot.. I forgot at least

Yesterday was a doozy!

We got the official ok from the insurance company, and the relief is HUGE for me.I can imagine The Mother Unit is quite happy and relieved as well.

Our day was filled with errands and moments of celebration at the news. The day and mood so light and good, that when I was just driving away from Starfish, Mom calls and says,"We forgot to watch Game of Thrones!" I was fine telling her we can watch it next time...  I was absolutely happy with our day as it was.

I'm in talks with a pal of mine here for a tiny, little, low pay job... dunno if I can work out the schedule yet. But, it would mean free coffee beans. And that would be a good thing.

I am just doing what is in front of me... Next week may also be the CDL written exam. I will have to find a vehicle for the driving test...

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