Slag Heap Sunset!

After this delicious sunset over the slag heap in Warren last night.. I took the carload of merry men to Mexico for a night of great conversation, and of course.. tacos. All of these guys older than me, much more well traveled and worldly.. and all with great knowledge and taste in music. My kind of guys!

This mornin brings wind and slightly cooler temps as well as less irritation in my eyes so the swamp cooler will have it's moment today to be fully fired up. I estimate 2 more trips to the hardware store and 4 paragraphs of expletives before I am done.. But I am gonna get that damn thing done. 

Tomorrow is Mother Unit Monday.. I look forward to seeing her every week.  Our time is brief though. She is mostly at dialysis and I am just killing time till I pick her back up. And then it's bill pay and small talk after we get back to Starfish Base Camp. (That makes it sound so much cooler!)

She sounds in good spirits and I can't ask for much more in this world but for her to be as ok as possible each day. She worries too much.. I am trying not to worry. 

Each moment is a gift. 

Just like a sunset over a slag heap. 

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