15 minutes, and I'm 2 cups in.

A nice early wakeup. And a very caffeine filled one at that. I do like it that way.

Even though my eye is still bugging me a lot, I have to work on my swamp cooler this morning as the temperatures are indeed climbing here, I dunno if Tucson hit 100 yesterday or not, but we had mid 80/s which means time for cooling to be accessible. It's only gonna get warmer.

Summer is upon us. there is little really going on down here this past week other than me poking around for job possibilities when I am not sitting in the dark park of my house with my eye watering. It makes me look tired.. and it hurts. So, until it gets a bunch better, I am prolly just gonna give it a rest and stay out of the sun/outdoors for the most part.

The Mother Unit and I should know the status of her ins. claim within the next 4 weeks, and I am kinda in limbo to a certain extent till that goes one way or another. Maybe I am taking this all too seriously..  but this is the only mother I've got and she needs to be safe, comfortable and happy. In other words... just before I go to work The Blackberry Jam in Franklin in June, we will know the initial status of the claim.

I have convinced a couple pals from Bisbee who have family in Franklin to come to The Jam... which will be fun to have more melding of good people in magical places.

Bisbee still feels magical to me all these years later.

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