Dance that mess around.

Oh... and dance they did.

Me and the bestie at the shindig. The Montessori Fundraiser was well attended. Loads of Bowie and Prince was danced to.. and the good times were apparent. This is Elizabeth's first summer here in Tiny Town. And she was inundated with one of the standout truths to this time of year down here... The pungent smell of hippy B.O... I had a fan blowing right under my DJ rig, away from me and even I had the hair on my nostrils singed.. My BFF fled the shindig citing that the smell was too much. So far this has been the only thing I have seen her not like about Bisbee. And while there was at least one seriously ripe human in that room, we all had fun and the dancing was pretty continuous throughout the evening. I had one beyond awesome interaction with a young lady who was the first one dancing.. she told me that this night was the first one since she got MS she felt like dancing. She danced the shit outta that floor and the joy on her face made me well up with tears. We are all doing the best we can down here in Tiny Town.. and we never know what the other denizens are up against. My heart got super filled up for all the right reasons on Saturday night. The fact that my cooler didn't get finished being setup during this heatwave until yesterday at 4 pm is really just a side note. It was a pain.. and way more work and hassle (and $$) than I had planned, but it's done and I am happy to report that it's a delicious 70 degrees inside the wee house.

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