Let's Dance.

I am getting ready to pull gear out of the closet to load into Central School for the Bowie/Prince dance party/fundraiser for the local Montessori crew. The party is tomorrow from 7-10.

The load-in will be in the morning.. and tonight I may spin a few tunes for myself, because I can.. here in the wee house.  Not at hideous levels of loudness.. probably more in headphones that thru speakers. The speakers are quite large, loud and fabulous. And, total overkill for a 551 sq ft house sound system. That is why they live in a closet waiting for an event. Who needs a closet for clothes? Not me (yes I do... but.. whatever!).

Yesterday had good conversations about ads for Edible Baja... I have 2 definite maybes.. and the rest of the town has yet to be really developed. My being local is a big plus.. and my enthusispasm for Tiny Town is of great benefit as well. We shall see how it shakes out. I like interacting with the folks in my town.

It's warming up a bit down here... 80 degrees before 10 am. I should finish the cooler setup/repair. I think the need for air will be happening in the next 24 hours.

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