Swamp Cooler Shout Out.

It's summer here in AZ.
 It's not bad in Bisbee. In fact, you get real clear how much better it is down here when you have to drive to places like Tucson or Phoenix. And you can totally live with just a swamp cooler... which is kind of a bad idea in those other towns. 

With my swamp cooler drama now far behind me, I am also grateful that it not only cools the shit out of my tiny house, but it provides the perfect white noise to drown out my loud as fuck neighbor directly across the street. She is really sweet, and they are good people, but she is so fucking loud as she is partying on her front patio... which is essentially 35 feet from my single pane bedroom window.

I turned on the cooler, put in earplugs and her loud, drunken voice disappeared. Whew! Sanity with a swamp cooler... who knew that a cooler could be so therapeutic?


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