She's going the distance...

Driving the car till the gas gauge is near empty..

Running early till late..

Getting all the ducks in a row..

And all while it's hot out. There are silly steak grilling events that need to happen in the middle of the day.  Too hot to be grilling really, but I promised The Mother Unit and one of her pals at the care home that I would have delish steaks for them for dinner.

I did this to myself. I want her to be happy and feel special. I have one day a week to do nice things to show I am a good, present daughter.

Had to get steaks, charcoal, wire brush, lighter fluid, and a potato as well as butter and sour cream. 3 stops to procure.. 20 miles driven and I hadn't even left central Tucson. And when I finally get to roll out of town almost 50 miles driven, and way too many store stops. But, the steak dinner went over well, and The Mother Unit was happy.

It was a good day.

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