Where did all of my free time go?

From unemployed to where the hell is my downtime?

I have been going 100 miles an hour, and today requires me to go faster and longer. I have to flier for an event at Cafe Roka, have brekkie with Marshall Shore, The Hip Historian, finish cleaning my house, sell tickets and t-shirts, come greet Kurt for his overnight visit, ride in the Porsche, clean up and then have dinner, then I am working the door for the Harrison Fjord show down in town. I think we will be going till 1am easy.. then Sunday, it's the brunch event I am put up fliers for at 10... and I think I am helping Rod with whatever he needs. A big gay brunch is needed!

With it being Bisbee Pride Weekend, it all seems fairly spot on.

Somewhere in there I need to pack for Nashville... I have a feeling I am not gonna be driving up to The Baked Pueblo till very late Sunday night or way too early Monday.

I will be ready to exhale for sure. I have a day and a half to get acclimated to the super humid and hot weather on the farm.. then it's festival setup time. Somewhere in there I hope to see a few friends from the area. We shall see..

And I may be wondering where my free time went, but in reality I am really pleased to be busy. I worked a decent amount of hours at the new job, and made a couple bucks. I am not totally freaked out about money anymore.

I am gonna stay afloat. My boobs alone would keep me afloat, but a gal has got bills and needs to pay up.

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