And being tired does me no favors..

I slept in.

I was a loopy bitch by the end of my work day yesterday. Still a little tired today, slightly out of it. How do I know that? I got the newest, highest score on High Speed this morning and spaced entering my initials.. damn.

I have been vacuuming and dusting today. Sparked by finding a scorpion in the kitchen sink. I know I really don't wanna know how many might be in the house.. but shit, I get creeped out when I do find 'em. Blech!

The town is bursting at the seams with people in red white and blue..  a few confederate flag wearers too. Oh, 'Murica..

I got my new banana plant (from the farm in Franklin) in a pot with Buddy Christ watching over it. I hope it survives. I am gonna name it Chiquita if it takes.  Fingers crossed.

Here's to being home, employed, relatively healthy, and caffeinated. I feel lucky and grateful.

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