It's just another Sunday... or is it?

Yes.. it is another Sunday.

But this Sunday follows the whirlwind day that Elizabeth and I had up in The Baked Pueblo yesterday.. bfast out, coffee delivery, 1st Eegee stop, Ab Fab Movie, 2nd Eegee stop, surprise visit to The Mother Unit, 3rd Eegee stop, then back to Tiny Town.

Yes.. I had 3 Eegee's stops while in the Ever-So-Baked Pueblo yesterday.  Moderation is not really my strong suit. One more day of watermelon Eegee's on the calendar, then none till next July. Though I may buy a couple small ones and throw 'em in the freezer for when I just gotta have one.

Cleaning is happening over here in the wee house. I am preparing to get rid of a bunch of stuff as I shift towards having my kitchen have an actual dining area instead of a work desk/flat surface to eat on.

Big transition.

I have many things to do here at the house. there are things that need fixing, painting, replacing, and rethinking. And with all that comes the need to make space to accomplish these things. I am not really a purge it all kind of gal. But lemme tell ya... stuff is going away. With as discombobulated as the place gets with the smallest of projects, I guess it's time to acknowledge I have too much stuff for my tiny world. A bigger house ain't gonna happen, so.. here we go.

Light some lucky candles for me...

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