First attempt.

I am undertaking my first attempt at something. It's odd I have never attempted this before. I am well versed in wonderful things, and yet how have I managed to not do this before?  It's weird, really..  but all of that is about to change. I am gonna give it a shot. I might fail. But, then again, I might do it fairly well.

Yes. I have to come out of the closet as an over 50 year old woman who has never made potato salad.

Wow.. I had no idea the relief I'd feel from finally saying that out loud! This is all spawned by my belated birthday lunch with The Mother Unit yesterday where she had some not that good potato salad with her meal. It was an odd realization that I have never concocted this particular staple of summer picnic foods. I do make a killer cole slaw for sure.

Actually... it should be a good first stab at this as I have all the ingredients here and I can let it marinate while I am at wok.

But I just realized what is even more odd is that The Mother Unit did not give me a birthday card.. first time in a long while. But she can't shop for stuff, so I guess this is the new reality. Certainly doesn't mean she loves me any less.. in fact, I am hoping that our mother-daughter friendship/family bond just continues to deepen till the end of time. She is doing well. That's pretty much all I need today.

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