I will be crafting merkins this weekend.

Yup... merkins.

On Wednesday at Poco, we are doing a wee dance party thingy I have named,"The Safety Dance."  I am co-hosting with the lovely Jackie, and with my trusty BFF Elizabeth at my side. I have no idea how a statement like," First 20 people at the event get free Safety Merkins!" will go over.. but whatever! It's just another dumb idea I have that makes me smile, so I am good with it.

In keeping it simple in Bisbee life, I am loving the perk of grabbing coffee from work. The Burundi is sublime! One of the best coffees I have ever had. And after the week we just had over there at the shoppe,  I can say that not only is the coffee good, but so are the people that work there. The roaster wanted to break down.. and Seth and Michael sleuthed  out the problems and pampered the machine back to health with the help of some Fed-Ex'd parts.

And then when I delivered coffee over to the SV Co-op yesterday, I felt like I had found my way out of the sadness and disappointment that it didn't work out there... good to see some friends there, but do not miss being there. The "new job sheen" on the coffee gig is welcome.

One Day At A Time I am doing this thing..

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