Oh, Hello.

House is cleaner... not spotless.

Laundry is done.

Getting a bid for tree removal hopefully tomorrow.

Making a list of stuff to get rid of.

And gosh darn, I am drinking a bunch of good coffee.

The reality of living in a small town when you are under-employed has it's down sides/realities. It's reeeeeeally quiet sometimes. And getting out to find cheap things to do is not always an option. Actually, my gratitude for no screaming drunk neighbor, or barking dogs etc, is up front and center. I think my drunk neighbor got a job at a bar on The Gulch, so she is out serving the booze and not just putting it away all day long.

I am settling into the job quite nicely. It's the slow season, so at some point I may get a few more hours which will hopefully get me a little more cash. I don't need much, but I do need a little bit more.
All in all this first week of my 51st year should be super quiet. I anticipate a bit more to do in the coming weeks with the Americana Fest thingy amping up. Shit... that is gonna be so freakin' awesome!

All I know is that there is a watermelon Eegee with my name on it up there.

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