Did I say Willcox or Bust?

I think I did say, "Willcox or Bust."

If this Paint By Numbers gives you any indication of the quality of our trip... well, you do the figurin'.

Now that I have been there, I think it would be a little more fair to say, "Willcox WAS a bust!"

We went out to the pick it yourself place... TOTALLY PICKED OUT! We ended up getting peaches from California that they were selling in a shaded area near the beckoning exit. I told Elizabeth to just peel the stickers off and tell her husband that we had a banner day. 

Then it was time to do some thrift shopping.. One of our fave things to do when we are out in the world. And, we do the best we can to find bad/dumb/silly hats and then take a damn photo. I hear there may be a besties calendar coming out since we have so many classic thrift store hat photos in the vault.

We both felt like this one represented perhaps a more "challenged at happiness/lacking in life skills" look.

Then it was off to the Friends of Marty Robbins Museum.

A mere $2.00 per person got us some affordable history time.

Obviously a very loved guy.. the museum is run solely on donations from admission and items they sell. 

Bottom line was that it was a fun day.. but not so much about the destination as it was yet another excursion with my pal. Long drive on a hot and sweaty day, and a new brekkie place discovered in the middle of nowhere (Pearce/Sunizona) about half the way to Willcox. I also didn't know so much corn was being grown out there or that there was a massive cattle operation thatta way. So I learned a little bit.

And when all is said and done, what am I left with?

My Marty Robbins comb...

And another day out and about with the bestie.

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