Yes. 66.

66 what, you ask?

66 degrees. inside my tiny house. I can't get my house this warm in winter, but I guess I can get it this cool in summer. I can live with that.

I did volunteer work yesterday then grabbed the bestie and went for bahn mi sandwiches at Thuy's Noodle House here in Tiny Town. The sandwich of all sandwiches here. Stellar. Nothing comes close in the sandwich realm here.

There was some pinball, some Kid's In The Hall, some Fresca, some key lime pie.. and a bunch of laughter. It's Pirate Weekend here in Bisbee, and while I do love me some piratty fun, I saw no real events that tripped my trigger so I stayed in and did some cooking. I have pretty much taken to cooking either Sat night or Sun morning and I give my neighbor Andy a few portions since she hates to cook.. it's my good deed for the week. She seems to not care what it is,  she only wants to reheat something she didn't have to prepare. She does a bunch of good in town too... lots of volunteering and she is a retired hospice nurse so her heart and soul are in a saintly place as far as I can tell.

I am getting some reservations for the Run Boy Run show here so I am glad folks are still interested in what I am bringing through town. It's gonna be pretty sweet in a house concert environment.. lucky I have friends that will host one of those here and there.

Well, as I sit here under my Peacock Alley soft-as-hell throw, I guess it's time to do some laundry and then wander into town. It will be about that time to sit on the stoop at Culture Pirate and visit dogs.

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