Morning rain.

I am doing some mega caffeinating, along with some cooking this morning. I decided I prolly need more potato salad around here on a more consistent basis. so, there ya have it.. more of that coming up.

I finished up my fun weekend with my pals from Tucson by taking them to Border Taco in Douglas, then back up here to play some pinball. Robert had said he missed the ol' High Speed being in the shop, and we went till almost 11 p.m. ! And the strangest thing, one of the flippers acted up in a big way, and (holy fuck) was I glad the guy who sold me the machine was here to pop up the pinball hood and give it a tinker! Fixed it... and then he said he'd be happy to come down in a couple weeks and giver her a nice lil spa day.

Talk about a high score!

And really, I had a blast with them down here. We have fun things in common like pinball, but Constance is also a realtor so we have that common language as well. I don't miss selling real estate.. but it's fun to hear how it's going. And apparently, it's going quite well up there.

So, it rained pretty good at about 4 a.m. and there are still rumblings of thunder out there. It's 60 degrees on the porch. Seriously delicious. And soon potato salad crafting. And probably a game of pinball with the new euro siren setting. I think that's gonna be fun.

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