Chilly Thursday Morning Toes.

It is still quite moist outside.

And the damp air is making the air flowing in the front door a tad cooler than usual. I also have to accept that it's September. And it will cool off. Time to get the house reconfigured for the colder months. That means moving the tv off of the heater.. I do believe it might be 59 degrees out on the porch this morning. That makes for a little chill for the bare feet.

Tropical Storm Newton made driving back to Tiny Town a bit miserable for the first hour, but once I hit Tombstone, it was actually clear. Pitch black, but clear. That part of the drive signals a mere 20 more minutes till I am home.

Today is gonna be a bit of an overwhelm with haircut, first meeting of the Bisbee Women's Club for the season, work, and then a chiropractic appt I have been needing for a while. I have put off Chiro stuff since it's in Sierra Vista. And I haven't really had a bunch of extra cash to do stuff like that. But the truth is that my body hurts and I know it's out of alignment. And with my big Run Boy Run show happening tomorrow, and knowing there will be some gear lugging, I should really be "well adjusted".

Gotta pony up and get my new eye exam/glasses too..
There is a decline in my ability to see clearly (not a metaphor) and I have to own up to my aging process and get that handled. Won't have the new glasses/contacts before the Nashville trip, but I will at least have the exam. When I get back from that stage mgr gig, I will have a couple hundred dollars in my pocket (after paying my "volunteer roadies") so it's a good thing.

Living simply... barreling through my fear.. drinking coffee.

With chilly toes. Kinda yummy.

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