A Friday for the record.

Last night was great. 

Super long day, but beyond worth it. I think all of those in attendance felt the magical vibe for the Run Boy Run show. 

I mean...


I am tired, and I am watching my pal's shop again this weekend, so no down time for me. I haven't gone 100 mph in a good while. Perhaps being off the road/tour is making me lazy and less sharp. And now that I have a little taste of relaxing, I kinda miss it when I don't get some. 

I dunno what this next week will hold besides lots of phonecalls and emails reiterating there is no soundcheck, only line checks for Americana Fest. All the artists and their reps want a full soundcheck for their performance. And it's just not gonna happen. 


I am gearing up for my gig mentally. I want this all to run smoothly. 

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