Sometimes things just flow.

I have re-entered my life here in Tiny Town with next to no down time except for after 7 pm. I have Edible Baja things to do, emails to return, unpack, laundry, and that hardly begins to address the bunch of stuff in my brain.

Brain contents:
*The Mother Unit.. (she's doing well)
*Heard of a job possibility for my bestie, Elizabeth.
*A good friend's father has cancer.. and it doesn't look good.
*I am still flying pretty high from Americana Fest.
*Work/outside sales calls for OBR coffee/getting back in the groove. Grateful for this job.
*Gratitude for the chance to work Americana Fest.
*Grasping the fact I am driving to Phoenix Saturday.
*The rain and lovely weather.
*The fact that I forgot to bring home fresh coffee beans.
*My visit last night/this morning with Bob and V from The Spring of Palms. Unexpected pass thru Bisbee!
*Not enough sleep.
*Too much coffee today.
*Sigur Ros in a little over 2 wks and another drive to Phx (fuuuck)
*All the new music in my head.
*Craving bhan-mi from Thuy's.. (maybe tomorrow)
*Gratitude for living in Bisbee.
*And I am just happy in this moment that I feel really damn alive.
*All the good and the not so good.. I am present with my gratitude for being on this crazy fucked up planet and being able to try to do some good.

I think sitting in the dark, in front of the computer says it all right about now. Get up, turn on a light, throw a load of laundry in , send some emails, then go to bed.. it's gonna be ok.

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