I think I get to breathe a bit this week. Maybe..

I. Am. Really. Wiped. Out.

That trip to Phx was a long haul, and a late night. It's a good thing I had pals on that end to go to and hang with. an ex-husband, a former Bisbee denizen and his partner, and of course... my hosts and real reason for going, my Nashville pals.

I'll be in bed by 9 tonight... I can pretty much promise that.

There will be some planning of house projects and getting ready to undertake the ones that cost no money. Between trees being taken out, new glasses, car insurance, a new battery in my car, getting shorted 100 dollars on a check, and all the driving all over the place... I gotta scale back and bank some money.

In defense of all that spending, my new glasses are pretty cool.

Sometimes a blank stare say it all.

Everything else needed to be done.

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