Where's the beef?

We had killer monsoons the last couple days here in Cochise County...

One.. a total wall of the darkest crap I have ever seen..I drove right towards, into, and finally out of on my way home Wednesday, and then today at around 4:30 we had a downright deluge with hail, 16 degree temperature drop, then sun showers and rainbows.

Freakin' Arizona!

I've got The Mother Unit looking for a steak I told her I had for her and her pal at The Starfishy. Unfortunately for them... it's not at the house they live in.  So much for tasty ribeye bbq on the holiday weekend.


I am doing a friend a favor and watching his shop for the next couple weekends while he is in Europe.. the good news is that it's the coolest shop in Bisbee... and the bad news is... well... there isn't really any bad news other than he is not there with his dogs for me to get my dog fix.

The town will be packed to the tits with tourists.. it will be a good gauge on if I would be a decent shop owner here in Tiny Town. Part of me still thinks Elizabeth and I should be doing a small shop.

It's a lovely 70 degrees out... I think it's time to take a walk.  I had a late espresso shot, a delicious banh-mi sandwich, and some chips. That is definitely the recipe for get out and walk summa that shit off! I am not gonna feel good iffin I don't get my body moving.

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