It does take a village.


My phone in production meeting for the Americana Fest was yesterday.. just under 2 hours on the phone listening to the rules and regs for this Nashville thang.  I caught most of it.. I have all the stage plots and input lists, and now just need to go over the load in times with my venue and get clear with who is loaning me a car. I will be slammed busy, but right there in the center of it all, dammit.

I solidified my crew of 2. Both good friends who I trust implicitly. Both more than capable. There will be hot chicken and coffee rewards-a-plenty. This will not be any easy week at all. In fact, it will be one of the toughest gigs I have ever taken on. I certainly hope it goes WAY better than that time I went out with that lady blues singer..  what a bad fit that whole thing was!

It's gonna be fucking intense!

And I can't wait!

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