And directly across the street..

And this happened night before last. 

My loud, day drinking neighbor had her "friend" literally driving his truck into her house wall, fences and carport. 

Not once, but at least 3 times backing up and hitting something new.  Her "friend" then decided he would leave the scene. Probably after he hear me ask her what the fuck was going on... her saying not to worry about it.. and me saying I was going to call the cops. The neighbor asked me not to. 

Are you fucking kidding me?

I totally called the cops, and they decided that the truck, which got stuck could be dealt with at the property owner's leisure. So it was towed away in the morning. She lied big time to the cops.  I stood there shaking my head, and then decided this is none of my business.. really fucking glad I am not a loser anymore.

Drunk, lying, drama queens... 

No thank you. 

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