I took some time to clean up here on a small scale.

The wee house has been a disaster zone between not being here, a DIY bathroom remodel, waiting to get the workbench out and the booth in, and just life in general. A full 2 loads of laundry got handled, and I finally finished unpacking from Nashville.

The place looks better by far. Therapy thru tidying.

The Mother Unit has had a rough re-entry back home for a couple different reasons but she is feeling better and that is what matters.  Grateful she is home, safe, and finely tuned in the ticker region.

Work has been busy, and I am so lucky to be there. I know every job has it's honeymoon period. I don't see this one wearing off that soon with all the good coffee and little variation in what needs doing. It's a little dangerous being right next door to Thuy's Noodle Shop, as the food is damn delicious. If that is the only real workday problem I have?  I am all set.

Seth and I are doing an in-store at the Sierra Vista Co-op in the morning. He is gonna pull shots of espresso, and I am there for comic relief and up-selling. I am also going to bring a bluetooth speaker and spin some tunes offa my laptop. Nothing says good morning like coffee and music.

Old Bisbee Roasters had the first official order from The Rincon Market for more coffee. This is my first outside sales success.  I am pretty happy that more coffee is going out into the world.

I'm traveling to Tanzania via my coffee cup.. it's a beautiful day.

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