It's been a jostled start to the week.

The Mother Unit had some tunnel-visiony spells in rapid fire and I left work Monday morning after a call from the Starfish crew telling me they were really worried. We were not that busy at work, and the girls told me they had it covered, so off I went. I took her right from dialysis to St Joe's and she was in the hospital Mon/Tue/Wed with a late afternoon exit from the hospital to get back to Planet Starfish by about 4.

Every test that was needed was seemingly run. To get all of these handled would have taken 9 months if we hadn't had this incident. She may need a pacemaker. We shall see what the monitor she is getting outfitted with says after she does a week with it.

I was super worried she was gonna have a stroke.  I am gonna be right there by her side. She is stuck with me...  Every little thing gives us both a chance to keep meeting in the middle. There seems to be a softening in both of us in this whole process.. and I will definitely take that.

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