After what seemed like a year...

I have gotten my binky back. 

My happy place has been restored. 

The birds are singing in the trees. 

Love shines bright everywhere. 

My High Speed flipper rebuild is complete and I can play pinball again! 
Still an odd thing here or there with the multi-ball, but at least I can play. The flippers are fantastic! The playfield is fast as hell! 

I have missed this so much in my every day routine. Such a good stress reliever/happy-maker/decompressor. 

All feels better in this world. 

It's cold here in Tiny Town. Not frozen tundra cold but between the wind and lower temps, it is time to locate the layered winter clothing. 

It's also going to be time to start turning off the water at night as of Wednesday night. C-c-coooooold!

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